What to look for in great home remodeling contractors


Hiring a contractor for your remodeling project can be a difficult process. If you’ve never done a remodel before, you might not even know where to start and what it takes to hire a contractor. At Home Renovations by Mike & Apryl, we’re here to help. We’ve created this guide to help you know what to look for in the best home remodeling contractors.


There are very few things in life that are more frustrating than working with someone who fails to communicate properly. When you’re shopping around for home remodeling contractors, consider how well they communicate with you. Are they prompt to return phone calls, text messages, or emails? If you’re not happy with the promptness in which they respond before you get started on your project, then you’re probably not going to be very happy during the project.

Additionally, consider the tone in which they speak to you and your family. Sometimes experts in their industry will treat those outside of it like they know either nothing about the subject matter or are expected to be experts as well. While you might not know anything about what they’re doing, it’s disrespectful for them to talk down to you and that’s not any way to be treated by the person you’re hiring for a job.

Strong reputation

Find out as much as you can about the reputation of the contractor. Do some research online by looking up Google reviews and ask your neighbors who they’ve worked with on their projects. You can learn a lot by reading reviews online as many people aren’t afraid to be brutally honest when sitting behind their keyboards. In contrast to that, you can also take into account that it often takes an incredibly positive experience for some people to be willing to take the time to leave a good review.


When you’re presenting your project idea to a contractor, you want them to give you an honest and accurate estimate to the best of their ability. This means explaining any possible complications with the project and where there might be additional costs beyond the project itself. Even information about their availability and a possible project timeline is important to take into consideration. If your contractor seems like they’re keeping information from you about costs, possible roadblocks, or anything else, this is a major red flag. Use your instincts when speaking with a contractor and if you feel that they’re not being transparent about your project, it’s probably best to look somewhere else.

Scope of work

Consider the scope of work and ability of a contractor you’re thinking about hiring for your home remodel. For example, if you want to turn your bonus room into a home theater, it’s going to take a lot of wiring for a sound system and proper lighting. You probably won’t want to work with someone who specializes in building backyard decks. Search for contractors who can perform the job that you’re looking for so you will not only get the best possible result but you won’t have to pay another contractor to come in and redo the work.

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