image bruce

My time with Mike was great. He followed the job making sure things were done right. I would use him again.

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We enjoyed working with Mike and Apryl on our kitchen and office renovation. They updated our 1963 kitchen and helped to change the unused dining room into a designated office space. See before and after photos, AMAZING! Mike handles the constructio... Read more

image Clara C.Powers

Home Renovation team is indeed the best. I have hired them for my bathroom renovation. I must tell you they are very professional and gentle people. They finished their entire work without creating any mess for my family. What I liked about them the ... Read more

image Douglas Hansen

I was looking for someone who can give my kitchen a fresh and friendly look. My friend suggested me Home Renovation name. They have indeed a good team. At first, they did all the detailing regarding what immunities I wanted. After that, they designed... Read more

image Juan Garrett

Home Renovation provides very good quality material for wall painting whether it is interior or exterior. They have a very good and versatile variety of color options. At the same time for external walls, waterproof painting is also available. I have... Read more

image Murray Bennett Craig Mcdermott

When it comes to external wall painting, it becomes very important that you hire someone very expert because all your home resistance depends on your external wall strength. That is why that I always hire the Home Renovations team for the painting se... Read more

image Mark Hsh

If you are in North Carolina want to transform your bathroom in a relaxing, stunning bathroom with all the latest modern bathroom. Then do not go anywhere, just call home renovation by Mike and April. I hired them for my bathroom renovation and now m... Read more