Transforming Spaces, Creating Homes: The Mike & Apryl Renovation Journey


In the heart of Concord, North Carolina, lies a gem in the home renovation industry, Home Renovations, by Mike & Apryl. Serving the greater Charlotte area, including Ballantyne, Huntersville, and beyond, Mike Carpinelli and Apryl Berry have established a full-service design-build residential contracting firm known for its transformative renovations and personalized client journeys.

Their multidisciplinary approach combines Mike's building and remodeling expertise with Apryl's interior design flair, offering a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to breathe new life into their home.

A Unique, Personalized Approach to Home Renovation

Their commitment to renovating spaces and creating homes t...


Behind the Scenes of a Dream Home Makeover in Charlotte


Creating a dream home is a journey beyond mere construction and decoration. It’s an intimate process of transforming a vision into a tangible sanctuary embodying the home's essence. In Charlotte, NC, where the charm of the old South meets modern vibrancy, Mike & Apryl have mastered the art of crafting such dream spaces.

Let's remove the curtain and reveal the meticulous process behind a dream home makeover.

Envisioning the Dream

Every significant renovation begins with a vision. Mike & Apryl start by sitting down with homeowners to map out their desires, needs, and dreams. This collaborative brainstorming sets the foundation for a home that looks exceptional and resonates with the homeown...


Design Meets Functionality: How We Blend Aesthetics with Practical Living


In the world of home renovations, there's a delicate dance between form and function. At Home Renovations by Mike & Apryl, this balance is at the heart of our design philosophy. Nestled in the heart of Concord, NC, our full-service design-build firm has been revolutionizing homes in the Charlotte area by seamlessly blending aesthetics with practical living.

The Fusion of Beauty and Utility

Every homeowner dreams of a living space that doesn't just look straight out of a glossy magazine but also easily serves their daily needs. This is where Mike, an Accredited Master Builder & Remodeler, and Apryl, a Real Estate Broker/Interior Designer, weave their magic. Their collaborative approach ensur...


Designing Dreams: A Guide to Stylish and Functional Home Renovations


Picture this: a space that not only captivates your senses with its aesthetic charm but also seamlessly weaves in functionality to enhance your daily life.

In a world where change is constant, home transformations become not just a luxury but a necessity. They breathe new life into the familiar, rejuvenate the spirit of your living spaces, and offer a canvas for self-expression. We believe in the power of these metamorphoses to inspire and elevate, creating homes that are not only visually stunning but also tailored to the rhythm of your lifestyle.

Let’s explore stylish and functional home renovations. Turn your dreams into reality and infuse every corner of your living space with the m...


The Most Common Mistakes in Bathroom Design


When it comes to home renovations, one of the most frequently tackled areas is the bathroom. Bathroom renovations are exciting opportunities to transform a functional space into a haven of relaxation and functionality.

However, even with the best intentions, homeowners often make mistakes in bathroom design that can lead to suboptimal outcomes. Consulting a bathroom design and renovation expert is the best way to ensure the renovation project goes smoothly.

Here are the seven most common mistakes in bathroom design you must avoid:

1. Ignoring Proper Planning

Diving into it without a clear plan is one of the biggest bathroom design mistakes. Proper planning involves setting a budget, determin...


Summertime Home Remodeling: Reasons Roof Replacements are Ideal During Summer Season


Summer is a great time for home remodeling projects. Whether you have been considering adding an extension or replacing your roof, you are bound to get a good price for the materials and repair and remodeling services.

Home remodeling projects are a great way to spruce up your house and boost its value. Roof replacement during summer can refresh your house and prepare it for the winter season. It ensures you and your family stay warm during the chilly season of fall and early winter without the need to switch on the heating system.

Here are five reasons roof replacement is a good idea in summer:

1. Lower Cost

Many people prefer to complete their roofing repair and replacement projects duri...


How To Create The Perfect Kitchen For Your Lifestyle


You can't go wrong with the kitchen in your family home. If you thoroughly enjoy spending time in the kitchen and hosting people for dinners, you must have a perfect kitchen. In 2023 people should realize the importance of nutrition to their overall health, and it only makes sense that you create a kitchen that represents that.

It's okay if you're not sure to begin, as we'll give you all the help you may need to create the perfect kitchen as per your lifestyle.

Tips on Creating The Perfect Kitchen

People use their kitchens for cooking, baking, and heating older food. Regardless of how you use your kitchen, you want it to serve your lifestyle. Here are some tips for creating the perfect kitch...


5 fixtures to consider for your bathroom remodel in NC


Bath fixtures may not be the first things you think of when planning a bathroom remodel. Most people tend to focus on the bigger things like layouts and tile selections. However, fixtures are usually the main superstars of a bathroom remodeling project. They should never be an afterthought. Get them right, and you can completely redefine the look and feel of one of the most important spaces in your home.

Are you planning to redesign or renovate your bathroom? Let us walk you through the basics of bathroom fixtures and our top five recommendations to consider for your project.

Bathroom fixtures and bathroom fittings are not the same

You never really know how technical bathroom terminologies can ...


How to choose Professional kitchen Remodeling services


When you’re choosing to remodel a part of your home that you use more than others, the job must be done well. Considering a kitchen remodel is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Home Renovations by Mike and Apryl, we understand this can help you choose the best kitchen remodeling services for you and your home. To do this, we’ve assembled five tips when choosing the right remodeling services.

Know what you want

Before you ever get started looking for contractors you want to hire, you must decide what you want. Your contractor can provide you with advice regarding the design and functionality of various features within the kitchen, but you should still have a...


5 details to share with your general contracting services


When you have a project at your home that needs to get done, it’s important to hire the right people for the job. There are plenty of general contracting services available in the Greater Charlotte area, but they’re not all the right fit for you. You’ll find that some contractors don’t communicate well, are limited in their services, or simply don’t mesh well with what you’re looking for. Part of vetting a general contractor is finding someone you can trust. At Home Renovations by Mike & Apryl, we believe that you should be able to be upfront and honest from the beginning. So, we have a list of five details that you should share with your general contracto...