What to Consider Before a Home Renovation in Charlotte, NC


Every home goes through some kind of renovation throughout its life. Home renovations add equity and increase home value home owners. They also increase happiness and comfort thorughout the household. Are you considering a home renovation in Charlotte, NC? There’s a few things you should think about to prepare.

Decide what you want to renovate

It’s pretty easy to look at your home and devise a list of everything you want changed. Additional thought, however, is necessary to truly grasp a realistic plan of action. Think about your desired changes. Are they cosmetic or structural? Figure out what your taste is and match it with your budget. For most people, an unlimited budget is not part of a renovation plan, so consider what you are able to change, and factor in additional costs.

Find additional resources for interior design ideas

While you should renovate your home based on your own preferences and vision, you may want to seek additional design resources to make sure your home value increases rather than decreases. You can get inspiration from searching through online interior design sites, decorating magazines, or design shows.

If you choose to work with an interior designer, make sure they follow your budget and get your consent on purchasing expensive materials. In most cases, experienced interior designers actually help you stay on budget. We’ve been designing homes in Charlotte, NC for years and know just how to get a great deal on essential items in your design vision.

Consider hiring a professional contractor

Significant home renovations can be a lot to handle. If you don’t have any experience, you may want to consider hiring a professional contractor to handle everything. Working with an experienced contractor can save you the headache of coordinating all the work that needs done, attaining the correct permits, and seeking out high-quality help.

Home Renovations by Mike and Apryl is committed to giving clients high-quality service and results. We offer a unique, multidisciplinary approach to home remodeling that combines talent and experience. As a full-service firm, we will expertly coordinate and execute your renovation while walking you through each step of the project. Working with us means confidently understanding your options for each decision made. Unlike other contracting firms, our expert Architects, Engineers, Tradesmen, and Vendors actively practice attention to detail and transparent communication throughout the entire process.

Be flexible with your timeline

Many home renovation projects take longer than expected. Be as realistic as possible with your renovation timeline and be flexible to incorporate unexpected delays. Things can go wrong along the way. Products can go on backorder, contractors and subcontractors can run into problems, and unforeseen events like COVID-19 can cause even more delays. To prevent further frustration and budget issues, it may be smart to extend your timeline by at least a month if you are tackling a home renovation without professional help.

Unexpected costs could impact your budget

Much like unexpected timeline delays, your budget could increase with unexpected and hidden costs. It’s easy to know what you want done to your home without fully understanding how much money you can expect to spend. You may want to remove a wall, but behind the sheetrock could be a load-bearing beam or asbestos contamination. Things that could increase your budget include:

- Child care

- Cleanup

- Decoration upgrades

- Design upgrades

- Disposal of debris

- Getting your home up to code

- Hidden damage

- Land surveying

- Permit costs

- Pest damage

- Pet care

- Takeout food

Many of these costs depend on where you live and certain regulations in place.

Plan for outages

Most significant renovations require outages at some point. If kitchen and bathroom work require plumbing, you’ll have to work around your water being temporarily shut off. This can impact your daily routine, inducing showers, using the bathroom, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, or having access to drinking water.

Home owners should also factor in power outages for electrical work. North Carolina winters are typically fairly mild in the winter days, but nighttime can get quite cold. Likewise, summer days can get hot. If your power needs to be shut off for a few days, consider what the weather may be like. You may need to make other living arrangements during these times.

Home renovations in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas of Huntersville and Concord can be easy when you have a full-service home renovation and interior design company at your side. Reach out to us for home renovations, additions, home building, or interior design.