Update Your Home with Kitchen Remodeling in Huntersville


If you don’t absolutely love spending time in your kitchen, then your home isn’t living up to what it could be. Your kitchen generates the energy of the home, even if you’re not an amateur gourmand whipping up Alison Roman recipes three times a week. So a kitchen remodel may be in order if it’s doing less humming-with-love and more groaning-with-frustration.

What most people don’t know (and you’re about to find out) is that not all remodels require a home equity loan and three months of drop-clothes covering your furniture. Kitchen remodeling in Huntersville, NC, will breathe new life into your house without costing a fortune–or being a big hassle.

Keep reading for three surprising ways to update your kitchen.


Add tile for color and stylish accents.

Something as simple as installing tile can transform a kitchen, adding drama and tension with a splash of color or a classic finish. Which is to say–tile gives you a lot of options without requiring a massive remodel of the space.

Something as small and classic as adding a backsplash to your counter area can give a kitchen that feels ramshackle a polished finish, especially when you step out of the home renovation store and work with a dedicated home renovation expert. You’ll be able to access unique, contemporary tile options.

- Subway tile: there’s incredible potential in subway tile, from picking a color to the installation design.

- Asymmetric patterning: working with unique tile shapes opens up new possibilities for daring homeowners.

- Coordinate with your island: in small kitchens, less is always more, so match your island color or texture with your backsplash.

For minor aspects of kitchen remodeling in Huntersville, NC, such as adding tile to your kitchen, work with an interior designer to ensure you pick a tile you love.

Change your lighting.

The lighting in your kitchen has a significant impact on how you feel about the space. Everything from the lightbulbs to the fixtures influences the mood of the room. One of the most surprising Huntersville, NC kitchen remodeling updates is just changing your lighting fixtures.

However, lighting can be one of the most challenging things to get right in a room. You want to highlight the space’s best features while also having light where you need it when you’re cooking and cleaning. You may love a fixture, but if it leaves the counter where you do all your meal prep cast in darkness, it won’t take you long to get frustrated with the remodel.

When you work with an interior designer, they have training and experience finding the light fixtures and design that will make your kitchen look amazing with the flip of a switch.


Paint your cabinets.

In most homes, cabinets are a majority of the kitchen. If you hate the way they look, all the cute tiling and professional lighting designs won’t change that. Luckily, updating your cabinets is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to remodel your kitchen.

As long as the cabinets aren’t broken, water-damaged, or otherwise structurally compromised, a skilled remodeling team can paint them, so they look brand-new again. Combined with updated hardware, you won’t recognize your kitchen.

Plus, you won’t have to go through the hassle of demotion and installation with actually replacing them.

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