Considering a kitchen remodel in Charlotte, NC? Here’s what to know

by Home Renovations by Mike and Apryl


Our kitchen remodel team in Charlotte, NC, has helped many local homeowners transform their kitchens. While a remodel is a pretty big undertaking, it can personalize your space, make it more functional, and modernize it. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, here’s what you should know first:

1. You can design the space for your lifestyle

For those who entertain a lot and frequently throw dinner parties, their kitchen is the focal point of their home. Homeowners with small children, on the other hand, will have different needs for their kitchen. When approaching any remodel, the goal isn’t just to breathe new life into the room. You should focus on making the space work for your lifestyle.

Think about how you use your kitchen: Do you have lots of large gatherings? Do you mostly cook for your small family? All of these factors should be considered when designing your kitchen. For instance, if you entertain frequently, and you want the option of being able to cook and bake at the same time, consider installing two ovens. Design choices like these will ultimately ensure that your kitchen fits your lifestyle.

2. Think carefully about the countertops you choose

The type of countertops you choose can play a major role in the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. However, it’s important to also think about practicality, as some materials might be a better fit for your lifestyle.

For example, while marble is beautiful, it is also porous. This makes it a pretty high-maintenance choice for countertops, and it may need to be professionally sealed every six months. Other porous countertops that may require sealing include limestone and granite.

Quartzite is an excellent option if you’re seeking a durable countertop that also looks great. It is very heat resistant and can withstand hot pans. If you’re looking for a very low-maintenance option that fits smaller budgets, our kitchen remodel team in Charlotte, NC, suggests laminate. While laminate doesn’t have the high-end appeal of other materials, it’s very affordable and can be found in a variety of stone, marble, and woodgrain finishes.


3. The floor plan can improve your kitchen’s functionality

The right kitchen floor plan can improve the flow and function of your kitchen. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, consider a one-wall kitchen, also known as a Pullman kitchen. With this option, all of the cabinets and appliances are fixed on one wall, and you can add an island for extra counter space. You’ll often see this in studios and lofts.

Another efficient layout is the galley kitchen. With this walk-through style kitchen, the main walkway is separated by two parallel countertops, which have cabinetry and appliances. The benefit of this floor plan is that it fully maximizes the square footage of the space. If you’re working with a medium-sized space, consider an L-shape kitchen, which will give you more bang for your buck in terms of space.

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