Budget-Friendly Charlotte Home Renovations


No matter how much you may love your home, few properties have a timeless style that never needs updating. Every homeowner has a list of renovations in the back of their mind for “someday.” They hesitate to embark on renovations, believing that home updates are always expensive. However, there are cost-effective renovations you can do for your Charlotte home.

Targeting key areas of a room can give your entire house an update without draining your bank account. Home renovation companies in Charlotte recommend these updates to give your property a fresh look on a budget.

Work with a homebuilder instead of an architect.

Depending on the scale of your renovation, you may work with an architect who will draw up plans for the finished product that a general contractor will then follow. When you work with an experienced renovation company, you can tell them the changes you’d like to see or the areas of your home with which you’re less than enamored. Then, they can provide solutions and make renovations without the expense of architectural drawings.

Opting for DIY is always tempting when you have a strict budget. But it’s worthwhile to meet with an experienced Charlotte home renovation company to get expert advice about the things you can do on your own versus where you’re better off working with a pro.

Mix high-end finishes with existing or recycled materials.

One of the best tricks for creating a million-dollar aesthetic on a budget is picking a few high-end finishes to stand out in a room. For example, you can save on kitchen cabinets by repainting but splurge on high-end pulls and hinges or a new countertop. A designer bathtub or luxury faucet can change the appearance of a bathroom.

A Charlotte home renovation interior designer will find the areas of your home worth spending extra money on versus where you can get away with DIY or simple upgrades. The result is a home that looks ready for Architectural Digest but didn’t break the bank.

Focus on cosmetic upgrades.

When you’re renovating on a budget, knocking out walls and additions may not be workable. But you can still change the look of your home by focusing on cosmetic upgrades, which won’t take a lot of labor so that you can put your money towards high-end materials. These are some of the cosmetic upgrades that give you the most glitz for your money:

- Paint: not only is paint affordable, but it also has one of the highest returns on investment when it comes time to sell your home. Professional painters and high-quality materials make all the difference in creating a gorgeous finished product.

- Wallpaper accents: forget the bad wallpaper that was a scourge on homes in the aughts. Now, designer wallpaper allows you to add drama and interest to a room with a cost-effective accent wall.

- Backsplashes: gorgeous tiled backsplashes can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom without destroying your budget. Working with a home renovation company in Charlotte gives you access to designer materials not available via retail.

- New lighting fixtures: a skilled interior designer can change the look and feel of your entire home with a new lighting strategy and beautiful new fixtures. One of the most cost-effective home renovations is just bidding adieu to floor lamps!

When you work alongside an experienced interior designer as part of a Charlotte home renovation company, you gain expert insight into upgrading your home while sticking to your budget.

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