5 Helpful Tips for Basement Renovations from Contractors


When it comes to home remodeling projects, few are as impactful as renovating the basement. It's a fantastic way to turn an area of the home that has primarily been used for storage into a livable space while drastically increasing the property's overall value.

However, since it's such a large project, careful considerations are required to ensure the renovation goes smoothly and you are satisfied with the final product. If you're planning on upgrading your home's basement in 2021, the team at Home Renovations by Mike and Apryl recommends keeping these pertinent details in mind.

Essential Considerations when Renovating a Basement

Always check the conditions before making plans.

The first thing our basement renovation contractors recommend for homeowners considering this project is to check the moisture levels in the area. Between the groundwater and moisture created inside the home, basements are notorious for being damp and humid, which can cause numerous problems once it's finished. If your basement has this problem, you'll need to look into viable waterproofing solutions. It's also helpful to see how much natural light the space receives. Some basements don't get any natural sunlight, but even if some does get in, it'll be a minimal amount. Understanding these two factors helps with the next step.

Determine the intended use.

Once you know what kind of conditions you're dealing with downstairs, you will have a better idea of what possibilities you have. How you decide to use the space has a significant impact on every other decision that comes after this step. If it's going to be a child's playroom, for instance, you'll want to install carpeted flooring rather than hardwood, so they don't get hurt. If it's going to be a spare bedroom, you might need additional plumbing to accommodate a bathroom. The most important thing here is to set your expectations around the budget you've allocated for the project.

Get all of the necessary permits.


Homeowners in the Greater Charlotte, NC area are required by law to have the proper permits before starting construction. These help ensure all updates are in line with the local building codes. Multiple inspections will also need to be performed throughout the process to avoid costly fines and fees. Luckily, you don't have to do these by yourself. Our talented team of basement renovation contractors can help you get the permits and ensure all inspections are handled correctly.

Don't forget about heating and cooling.

You have multiple options for keeping the updated basement comfortable. Some homeowners simply add new ductwork and connect it to their existing heating and cooling system. However, check the capacity of yours before doing this, because the added workload can decrease its efficiency and cause it to break down. Another option is a ductless system. You can have them installed in the individual rooms, which gives you more control over the temperature. They're also simple to install, so you can save money on labor costs. The final option is to use individual space heaters and fans to keep temperatures where you want them. This is the most affordable, but it also gives you the least amount of control during the hottest and coldest months.

Let our basement renovation contractors take the stress out of your project.

This full-service residential contracting firm proudly serves homeowners in the Greater Charlotte, NC area by providing reliable and trusted home renovations. Home Renovations by Mike & Apryl can assist throughout the entirety of the project, from the initial design work through final construction, and we are always dedicated to keeping an open and transparent line of communication to give you added peace of mind. Visit us online to book an appointment or to browse our portfolio of previous work.