5 fixtures to consider for your bathroom remodel in NC


Bath fixtures may not be the first things you think of when planning a bathroom remodel. Most people tend to focus on the bigger things like layouts and tile selections. However, fixtures are usually the main superstars of a bathroom remodeling project. They should never be an afterthought. Get them right, and you can completely redefine the look and feel of one of the most important spaces in your home.

Are you planning to redesign or renovate your bathroom? Let us walk you through the basics of bathroom fixtures and our top five recommendations to consider for your project.

Bathroom fixtures and bathroom fittings are not the same

You never really know how technical bathroom terminologies can be until you start planning a remodel. Let’s face it, knowing the different types of bathroom fixtures and fittings is not something one would prioritize, especially since there are so many other important decisions to be made throughout the project. So let’s first familiarize you with what a bathroom fixture is and how it differs from a bathroom fitting.

Bathroom fixtures are more permanent — they are usually fixed or plumbed into the bathroom design, so you cannot easily remove them without putting in some renovation work. Examples include the toilet, bathtub, and shower.

Bathroom fittings, on the other hand, are features that you use to complement the look and functionality of your bathroom. You can remove or replace them without too much effort. Examples include wall mirrors, cabinets, and shower curtains.

5 fixtures to consider for your next bathroom remodel

1. Toilets

You’d be surprised by the wide array of choices at your disposal when it comes to toilet styles. Some of the more modern options you could go for include:

- Smart toilets — Picture a toilet with automatic opening and closing toilet seats, a remote control, smart water usage system, and more.

- Wall-mounted toilets — These types of toilets have a carrier in the wall which houses the tank. They’re a great choice for bathrooms with limited space. Another advantage is that they do not require a floor drain so there’s no need to cut the floor when installing them.

- One-piece toilets — These toilets have both the water tank and toilet bowls fused without any additional joints. They’re perfect for contemporary bathroom designs, especially layouts with limited space.

2. Bathtubs


Bathtubs add a bit of luxury to your bathroom and can serve as a focal point in the overall design. The biggest consideration with bathtubs is the available space in your bathroom. But as long as you have the space for it, a bathtub would definitely make for a fine addition. Just make sure the tub you choose is made of high-quality materials and that the plugs and taps are convenient for everyday use.

3. Faucets

No bathroom design is complete without faucets. With so many options available, style and practicality are your main considerations when choosing faucets for your bathroom. Do you want a faucet where you get to control the water temperature from hot to cold using a single handle? Or perhaps you’d prefer a center-set faucet where there are separate taps for hot and cold water.

4. Shower doors

If you’ve got a large family, installing shower doors in your bathroom can be a great idea. This way, two or more people can use the bathroom at the same time without invading the other’s privacy. There are many styles available when it comes to shower doors. Just make sure to choose a style that blends seamlessly into the aesthetic of the bathroom.

5. Custom towel and grab bars

These bathroom bars are not just there for decoration. They’re important for safety and convenience, especially among older family members. The most crucial consideration here is the quality of the materials used for the bars.

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