5 details to share with your general contracting services


When you have a project at your home that needs to get done, it’s important to hire the right people for the job. There are plenty of general contracting services available in the Greater Charlotte area, but they’re not all the right fit for you. You’ll find that some contractors don’t communicate well, are limited in their services, or simply don’t mesh well with what you’re looking for. Part of vetting a general contractor is finding someone you can trust. At Home Renovations by Mike & Apryl, we believe that you should be able to be upfront and honest from the beginning. So, we have a list of five details that you should share with your general contractor before starting your home improvement project.

Give your project deadline

It’s not uncommon for contractors to want to line up projects so there’s always something on the back burner that’s ready to go when they have time. Unfortunately, those projects on the back burner will often get put off time and time again if there’s not any sort of pressure put on the builder.

When you’re having preliminary conversations about your project, be clear about your deadline. Even if it’s not something that you’re in a rush to get completed, give your contractor a deadline so you’re certain it’ll get finished promptly. If the builder doesn’t have time to meet your deadline, don’t hesitate to speak with another because they might be too busy to give your job the attention it needs to begin with.

Set your expectations

Don’t mince words about your expectations. If you have a vision of a grandiose kitchen that’s 10 levels above what you have, let your general contractor know. It’s important that you not only let them know what exactly it is that you’re expecting but also that you expect them to make it happen. It’s your money that’s being put into the project, so you don’t want to have to settle for anything less than what you love.

While it’s important to let the contractor know your vision for the final product, you should also set expectations for the duration of the project and after. If you have certain hours during the day when the builders can’t be in your home or you have quiet hours because a child naps at that time, let the contractor know so they can plan accordingly. What’s more, let them know that you expect them to clean up the mess after the job is done. This means throwing out scraps and repairing any damage that was done to your home.

You already did preliminary measurements

If you haven’t done preliminary measurements for your project, make sure they get done because a contractor shows up at your house. This is one way to make sure that you’re holding the contractor and their crew accountable for the work that they do. While your measurements might be off slightly due to technique, you’ll have a good idea of what’s right and what’s completely unnecessary. Letting the contractor know that you’ve done your own measurements will ensure that they’re capturing your vision as well as being honest in their estimate.

You’ll be checking in on the crew’s progress

Hiring general contracting services for a home improvement project isn’t a set it and forget it type of thing. You should be there regularly, if not daily, to make sure that everything is going according to plans and they’re sticking to the projected schedule. It’s also easier to point out areas that need to be adjusted throughout the project if you’re there to see it as the new cabinets are going up or the fresh paint is first being applied.

You will pay when the work is finished

You should never have to pay for work before it’s completed. Let your contractor know that you’ll pay when the work is finished. This includes project cleanup and necessary adjustments or repairs. It’s unfortunate, but some contractors have a reputation for taking the money and running as soon as they can. If you tell them they’ll get paid at the project’s completion, there won’t be any disputes or issues before the final details are completed.

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