4 Expert Tips for an Affordable Bathroom Remodel in Charlotte, NC


It gets to a time when your bathroom’s current state isn’t something you can ignore. Sure, it functions fine and there’s a bit of style and extra convenience. But you keep thinking about the possibilities, the opportunities for a little more luxury, and, really, just a better look and feel.

Luckily for you, it’s possible to get your dream bathroom on a budget, with no sign of compromise. At Home Renovations By Mike & Apryl, we’ve helped homeowners in Ballantyne, Huntersville, and Charlotte transform their bathrooms at very controlled costs.

Here are our tips for your affordable bathroom remodel in Charlotte, NC.

1. Paint your wooden floor

The finest quality tiling is expensive, so it makes sense if it’s taking up much of your remodel budget. Getting rid of your wooden floor isn’t the only solution, however.

You’d be surprised what simple repainting can do. It lends a finish that’s elegant in its own way. And it gets rid of one big problem you might have been dealing with: the floor’s poor reaction to moisture. You know, the swelling, warping, and light cracking.

It’s worth saying that solid hardwood isn’t the top choice for flooring materials. But painting it with a stylish and protective enamel coating overcomes many of its weaknesses. And the effect is often remarkable.

2. Focus on your fixtures

Since we’re working on a budget, it makes more sense to focus on small, inexpensive updates. Combining a few of them can be as transformative for your bathroom as some of the more costly and ambitious upgrades. In this context, that mostly means your fixtures.

It’s relatively affordable to replace your current cabinets’ hardware, much more so than getting new ones. And if yours are in good shape despite being outdated, is there really a need for new ones?

Simply changing the knobs lid stays, cabinet hinges, and drawer can make them feel entirely new and modern. Combine this with upgraded lighting fixtures, maybe in the manner of dimmable lights, classic sconces, flush mounts, a bath bar, or countless other affordable options.

The result is a revamped bathroom that ties a number of elegant touches together to feel wholly elegant and contemporary.


3. Include affordable bathroom tech

When affordability is the main consideration for a bathroom remodel in Charlotte, NC, it can seem like the latest gadgets and gizmos are out of reach. But they cover a vast range of price points, and there are budget-friendly options that manage to add an air of sophistication to your bathroom.

Choices here include smart lighting controls for mood, built-in hi-fi systems, and automatic bath fillers.

4. Pick a single striking statement feature

Okay, so your budget doesn’t allow for you to get all the luxe items you want. It’s still possible to get one centerpiece feature that influences your bathroom’s style. Then you can support it with less costly fixtures of comparable quality.

Choices are as grand as installing a free-standing bath, or as small but transformative as installing some new fancy taps.

While tiling your entire bathroom at the quality you want may be out of budget, an equally effective alternative is selecting a statement wall. There, you can have a limited number of brilliant tiles brought into focus by more muted complementary tiling, which is affordable.

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