3 reasons you should do exterior home renovations during the summer in Charlotte & surrounding areas.


When it comes to renovating any part of your home, it’s tough to find the right time. Between your busy schedule, the right time of year, and even getting the weather right, it seems impossible to find the perfect window of time to get it done. At Home Renovations by Mike & Apryl, we believe the best time of year for an exterior home renovation in Charlotte, NC in the summer. If you’re not convinced, you can read our three reasons why below.

Warm weather

With the summer comes warm weather and ideal conditions for an outdoor project. There are times when you’re doing a major renovation that you might need to have a window taken out and cover the opening with plastic. If this were to take place in the winter, you would lose a significant amount of heat and your house would be freezing cold for a period of time. During the summer, you’re much more likely to have your windows open anyway enjoying the breeze.

Rain and snow cause delays in construction. Warm weather is ideal for construction projects as it ensures that work crews are able to work without working about the weather. Furthermore, materials aren’t at as great of a risk of becoming brittle or overly damp when exposed to the elements as summer weather is more conducive to allowing wet materials to dry before application if needed. What’s more, the longer days that come with summer weather allow your crew to spend more time each day on the project without stopping. This means that your renovation will be completed much faster.

Life has slowed down

The summer is usually a much more laid-back time of year than the other three seasons. School is out, most activities have been put on hold for a few weeks, and your schedule is likely to be much more flexible. These make for perfect conditions for getting your exterior home renovation completed.

You can schedule your project with a contractor then either spend time outside away from the work that’s being done on your house, send the kids away to friends’ houses for the day, or even head out on vacation. When you have remodeling work done on your home during the summer, you have many more options than hiding inside for days or weeks at a time while a construction team works outside.

Home is ready for upcoming holidays

If you’re someone who likes to entertain you know what it means to have a house that’s ready to host a party. The holiday party season quickly gets started once fall hits with Halloween. Then you’re probably going to have people over for Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, or any other holiday that you celebrate. A summer renovation ensures that your project is complete and ready to welcome friends and family with a fresh new facelift.

Bonus: more enjoyable time outdoors

If your outdoor home renovation is in your backyard, you can spend much more time enjoying your new living space at the end of summer. Kick-off the school year with a party or say so long to summer with a Labor Day cookout. Either way, you’ll have a new space to enjoy time with friends and family.

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